martedì 9 ottobre 2012


The worst of Italian serie A: the derby of Milan. A game that should have been  the best spot for our national football and instead it’s become  the symbol of the decay of the our national league. A faded and merciless picture of the current situation in Italian football. The golden age (the 80’-90’) has become the tin-age. From Van Basten and Ronaldo to Gargano and De Jong. In other words: from  violins to trombones. Inter won the match against Milan but Italian football lost.  It was sad  to see Bojan, promising talent during his Barcelona period, slipping as a sack of potatoes, a few steps from glory.

Inter’s defensive and dismissive attitude able to spend 90 minutes behind the ball line hoping for some occasional breakaway was an insult to football

Is Stramaccioni (Inter’s coach) or isn’t he one of the youngest coach in Europe? Yes, he is. But apparentely his ideas are older than him. He still lives in Trapattoni or Nereo Rocco’s era. This is unacceptable! I miss Ronlado’s dribblings and  I miss Van Basten’s dance with the ball on San siro’s pitch. But I also miss Arrigo Sacchi’s courage. The memories of the Italian football’s golden age are too fresh  to get used to this sad metamorphosis. San Siro isn’t the Scala of football anymore. It has become a provincial theater where untalented but well-publicized  actors perform. The lights of San Siro are turned off, as the verse of an old and famous Italian song says. How to switch on the spotlights again? It’s not true that the only thing we need is money from Russian tycoons like in Premiere League. We  need more programming and foresight as well. The Verratti case,  the brightest talent of Italian football went to play in France, this is the most tangible evidence.