lunedì 7 gennaio 2013


Can Drogba or Balotelli change the political destiny of Italy? Be calm, I'm not drunk. I’m sober. I know, the question could seem to be absurd. And it would be really absurd If we were not talking about Italy. Specifically about the Italy in love with football. That part of Italy that has always loved to mix the sacred with the profane. Italy that sometimes does not recognize the border between soccer and politic. Between a team and a political party. Between being a citizen and being a fan. Football in the country of pasta and capuccino is important. So important that sometimes it makes someone convinced to be able to move the political balance of the country and to subvert the electoral predictions during last minute of the football transfer- market's session. That someone is Berlusconi, who, despite all scandals, still remain a great communicator. He is able to touch the right feelings to rekindle the enthusiasm of the typical italian citizen. So, the purchase of a top-player in January could rekindle the enthusiasm of more or less 6,000,000,000 rossoneri fans, maybe putting them in a position to write on the paper, on next 24 of febraury, the election day in Italy, the name of Silvio Berlusconi and the name of his party. So to prove to him their gratitude. Fans, is known, are irrational animals and they are also capable of such things. It would not be the first time. In the past, Berlusconi has shown to use ac Milan as a fantastic device of communication such as to satisfy his business and political needs. Since the time of the great Milan of Arrigo Sacchi, until the Berlusconi’s spectacular arrivals to Milanello (Ac Milan headquarter) by helicopter, ac Milan have always contributed to build Berlusconi’simage. In may 1994 when Berlusconi started his political adventures he chose both the name and the hymn of his party that seemed more suitable to a new football team than to a new political party. The Silvio’s message was: I won everything possible with ac Milan so I’ll be successful in leading Italy as well. History has taught us that football and politics are two different things. And the successes he obtained with ac Milan are in contrast with the failure of Italy as a nation under Berlusconi government . But football in italy is a drop that according to Berlusconi's hopes will be big enough to give new life to the his image tarnished by recent scandals. Berlusconi is too sly to not try to surprise Milan’s fans again as when, a few years ago, he stopped the sale of Kakà’ to Manchester City at the last moment so as to receive back the gratitude of rossoneri fans. The election day is so close to the winter session of football transfert market that, I’m sure, Silvio, once again, will pull out the rabbit from the hat. So pay attention to Drogba or Balotelli. Two names that during the election campaign might be more useful than some television appearances. Two important names more determinant in terms of communication than in concrete for ac Milan, that haven’t the weak spot in attack but rather in defense and in midfield. But that's not the point. According the presidential auspices , Balotelli or Drogba, should score in the game on 24 of February, in the polling booth. A game that if Berlusconi wins also thanks to football, thanks to the purchase of a single football player would be a defeat for all Italy in terms of political and civic maturity. I can’t think that there is anyone, in such a difficult time for Italy , that can and will make a choice as important as the political vote depending by their passion for football. Even if in Italy football is more than a passion. And Berlusconi knows it.