mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013


I was sure: I wrote that Milan would have bought either Balotelli or Drogba in an article I posted on this blog the 7th of January 2013. Almost a month ago. The fact was as predictable as all Berlusconi's communication strategies. Italian politics and Italian  football are two reality strictly linked since Berlusconi has been both a politician and owner of Ac Milan.  Many dynamics have always been repeating over the last 20 years. So also this time, the fact that Milan would have signed Balotelli was too easy to predict. It is just an attempt to make Milan supporters happier after the summer sales of Ibra and Thiago Silva, with a look at the Italian election day the 24th of February.

But this time I'm not convinced about the goodness of this strategy. I think that this purchase could be negative for Milan and for the political destiny of Berlusconi as well. Basically for three reasons at least:
 1) Less than two weeks ago Berlusconi painted Balotelli as an rotten apple, describing him as a sure source of nuisance to Milan’s squad. He explained repeatedly how  Milan's style wouldn't have been suitable for Balotelli. Now Balotelli is a new Milan’s football player. This lack of consistency, if it was transposed in the political life it could have the effect of  a boomerang for Berlusconi. He could be considered a liar and frankly  it would not be the first time.
2) Italy is living one of the worst moment in its history. The economic crisis that is threatening the country seems to be endless. So I don’t know how possible it is to consider as a  wise decision to spend € 20 million for a “rotten apple”. At least it was a dangerous decision. In fact immediately Berlusconi’s main political opponent from the left wing, Bersani, emphasized  as Berlusconi in such  delicate moment for Italy is involved in situations related exclusively to football.  This time the impression is that even the attempts of the most important Italian newspapers to describe as a “masterpiece” even from a financial point of view the balotelli-deal could be fruitless. Italians are asking: why did Berlusconi decide to sell Ibra and Thiago Silva last summer in accordance with both the financial-fair play and  Italian economic situation, and few months later he spends 20r million euro Balotelli’s purchase? But this is clearly a rhetorical question.
3) Balotelli potentially is a great footballer. But the main risk is that his mad personality does not allow him to become a real champion as Mourhino predicted a few years ago. Balotelli could really be a loose cannon capable of breaking the harmony in Milan’s environment .Another concern may be the charisma of Allegri. The Rossoneri’s coach, in fact, has always shown to have difficulty in managing  difficult and bulky personalities like Ibra, for example.
Three reasons that might be enough to turn the  Balotelli-deal into a sensational own goal for AC Milan and Berlusconi.